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Push Notification Documentation

The System provides the ability to send out Push Notifications to mobile devices as well as your website (device agnostic).

There are three main types of Push Notifications, namely:

  1. Bulk Push Notifications - Send out a notification to a group of people which is useful for marketing and broadcasts.
  2. Transactional Push Notifications - Send out an individual notification to a specific person. For example: “Your invoice is due”. See Documentation
  3. Push Notifications in a Workflow - Similar to Transactional Push, but it can be part of a workflow with other types of messages.

General Setup

The basic overview of how you will set up Push Notifications is the following:

  1. Set up a specific push notifications list in the System
  2. Add our SDK to your app/website.
  3. Get people to subscribe through our SDK on your app/website
  4. Send out a bulk push notification to a group of people / send out an individual push notification to a single person

SDK Documentation


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