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Push Notification List Setup

Grant Everlytic Access to Firebase

Add Firebase Service Account

  1. Navigate to your Firebase Project Settings > Service Accounts
  2. Select Manage service account permissions
  3. In your Google Developer Console, select Create Service Account
  4. Give your service account a name ID and description, and create the account
  5. Grant the service account the Editor role to allow access to Firebase Messaging
  6. In the next step, select Create Key
    • Key Type: JSON

Setup Push Notification List

  1. Navigate to Push Notifications > Push Projects
  2. Select Add Push Notification Project
  3. Select a list to attach your Push Project to.
  4. Copy and Paste the content of your service account key file into the Push Notification JSON Configuration field.

Obtaining your SDK Configuration String

  1. Nativate to Push Notifications > Push Projects
  2. Select SDK Configuration