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All methods are accessible on the EverlyticPush.EverlyticPush.Current object. The object namespace and/or naming are subject to change.

Available Methods

All methods are available on the Everlytic.Instance static class

void Initialize(string configurationString);

Initializes the SDK in the application. Must be called before any other SDK Methods are called.

configurationString is optionally passed as an alternative to setting the SDK Configuration string in your AndroidManifest.xml file. **

void Subscribe(string email);
void Subscribe(string email, OnResultReceivedDelegate onResultReceivedDelegate);

Subscribes a contact using an email address. Accepts optional subscribe success callback. **

void Unsubscribe();
void Unsubscribe(OnResultReceivedDelegate onResultReceivedDelegate);

Unsubscribes the currently subscribed contact from receiving push notifications. Accepts optional unsubscribe success callback. **

bool IsContactSubscribed();

Returns true if a contact is currently subscribed. **

bool IsInitialized();

Returns true if the SDK has been initialized. **

void GetNotificationHistory(OnNotificationHistoryResultsDelegate onNotificationHistoryResultsDelegate);

Asynchronously retrieves the notification history for the device and returns the results to an OnNotificationHistoryResults delegate **

int GetNotificationHistoryCount();

Efficiently returns the number of messages stored in the notification history.


Android - Default Notification Icon

Change the default icon by adding a new drawable called ic_ev_notification_small to your application

Android - Default Notification Color (where supported)

Notification color is derived from the styles.xml colorPrimary value

Known Issues

  • The app may crash if there is a network connection issue, E.g. System domain cannot be resolved