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How to set up a Push Notification in a Workflow

Workflows allow you to map a contact Journey, including multiple messages and decision points. You can include Push Notifications in Workflows too.

Note: We suggest you are comfortable with sending a bulk Push Notification before this process, because it requires that the SDK is set up correctly.


Setting up the Workflow

When setting up the workflow, be sure to select the list linked to your Push Project during setup. Once you’re on the Workflow Builder step, be sure that your Workflow has a Start Action of “Subscription Event - Contacts added only via the API”:

Once you’ve saved, and you have made sure that the list you selected on the previous step is the one you set up in the Push Projects, you should have the option to add an action node of type “Send Push Notification”:

Once you’ve created you Push Message, and published the Workflow, contacts can only enter this workflow via the API Method. This page explains how you can use the API to add contacts to this Workflow: